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 Sharn Adventure PC Sign up list

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MessageSujet: Sharn Adventure PC Sign up list   Mer 12 Sep - 14:34

First off, I need all of my players to post the following information about their characters in the following format:

Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Class(es)/Levels:
Greatest realization:
Worst moments in your life:
What pleases you:
What can't you resist:
Your temper:
The thing you dream of owning:
The person you want to be:

Att bonus :
Saves (F/R/W)
Skills (Listen/Spot/Hide/MoveSilently):
Feats(any weird or unknown):
Money (in GP):
Debts (in GP):
Overall Active Value :

A short list of friends:

A short list of family member:

A short list of job contact:

A short list of possible ennemy:

A short list of known ennemy:

A short list of notable people I know of:

A short list of places I know about:

A short list of places I actualy went to:

A short list secrets I learned (organisations, imposters)

The description doesn't need to be mind-blowing, but a paragraph or two would be great, I'd like every to have a picture in their head of the individuals that they are travelling with.

Additionally, I'll be opening up an RP thread shortly which will detail the final outcome of your foray into Sharn, which will outline the basics of where the campaign will be heading. I encourage all of my players to participate in the RP (even if you don't feel you are any good at it- rightfully or not), because it is going to be one of the only ways for you to get a say in the actual direction that the storyline will progress.

Additionally, the more input I have from the characters, the more in depth the story will become. That being said; I realize there are some among you who are less concerned with RP than HackenSlash, so I'll write up a brief synopsis of whatever RP goes on and bring it to the next session (and do so every time with the between session RP/storyline).

I hope that we can work together to make this a very succesful campaign for everyone involved.

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Sharn Adventure PC Sign up list
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