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MessageSujet: Règle de soumission   Lun 15 Oct - 14:02

First off, I need all of my players to post the following information about their characters in the following format:

Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Class(es)/Levels:
Greatest realization:
Worst moments in your life:
What pleases you:
What can't you resist:
Your temper:
The thing you dream of owning:
The person you want to be:

//This can be submitted as a xls/pdf/word document of your normal d&d character sheet or even a copy/paste
Att bonus :
Saves (F/R/W)
Skills (Listen/Spot/Hide/MoveSilently):
Feats(any weird or unknown):
Money (in GP):
Debts (in GP):
Overall Active Value :

A short list of friends:

A short list of family member:

A short list of job contact:

A short list of possible ennemy:

A short list of known ennemy:

A short list of notable people I know of:

A short list of places I know about:

A short list of places I actualy went to:

A short list secrets I learned (organisations, imposters)

The description doesn't need to be mind-blowing, but a paragraph or two would be great, I'd like every to have a picture in their head of the individuals that they are travelling with.

I encourage all of my players to participate in the RP (even if you don't feel you are any good at it- rightfully or not), because it is going to be one of the only ways for you to get a say in the actual direction that the storyline will progress.

Additionally, the more input I have from the characters, the more in depth the story will become.

Do not dwell in the other submitted character sheets, please, since it can be a game-breaker.

I hope that we can work together to make this a very succesful campaign for everyone involved.

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Règle de soumission
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