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 Hana Kammi , Female Wind Demon

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MessageSujet: Hana Kammi , Female Wind Demon   Lun 3 Déc - 12:46

Name: Hana Kammi
Element: wind
Age: looks 16 but is over 1000 years old
Gender: female
Race: wind demon
Looks: long blonde hair, blue eyes, and long pointy ears

Weapon: bow and arrow
Personality: fun-loving, carefree, kind, mostly happy, weird when sleepy, hyper, and is acrobatic
Likes: strawberries, sunny days, friends, joking around, flying, funny people, apples, music, drawing, games, fighting, helping people, and animals
Dislikes: pears, jerks, being bored, evil, serious people, drama, her singing, bring tired, and thunder
Crush: Jin
History: Hana was born during a war against the enemy of her family. Her and her sister Mya were kidnapped and took hundreds of miles away from her home. They were put in a cell and for years would hope someday to get out. While Hana and Mya were in the cell even though their were other demons in the cell, only one was Hana and Myas friend. His name was Jin, every time they got the chance they would talk for what to seem like hours. After a few years of trying to escape Jin successfully escaped from the place and promised Hana and Mya that he would get them out too. Unfortunately that never happened both Hana and Mya were wondering what happened to Jin, if he was alright or not, and if he would keep his promise. One night Hana over heard guards talking about taking the night off and thought that was a chance for her and her sister to get out. They did escape the place without much trouble though they did watch their backs just incase anyone would be looking for them. They wondered around Makai for some years with no home what-so-ever but keeping a positive face.
Other: can draw really good
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Hana Kammi , Female Wind Demon
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