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 Garnitz ("Granite" ), Male Half Elemental (Earth),

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MessageSujet: Garnitz ("Granite" ), Male Half Elemental (Earth),   Mar 4 Déc - 16:29

Garnitz ("Granite" ),
Male Half Elemental (Earth),
Ogre Outsider4/Bbn2; CR 6;
Large Outsider (Earth);
HD 4d8+16 (Outsider), 2d12+8 (Barbarian); hp 64;

Init +1;
Spd 50;
AC 23 (10 – 1 size + 1 Dex + 8 natural +5 armor);
Atk +14 base melee, +6 base ranged;
+7 (1d8+9, Huge javelin, Masterwork);
+15 (2d8+14, +1 Huge greataxe);
SA: Spell-like abilities;
SQ: Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to AC), Acid and disease immunity, +4 Fort saves vs. poison;
SV Fort +11, Ref +2, Will +2;
STR 29, DEX 12, CON 18, INT 9, WIS 12, CHA 8.
Skills: Climb +13, Intimidate +3, Jump +13, Listen +8, Spot +8.
Feats: Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack.
Possessions: +1 Huge stone greataxe; Huge javelin, Masterwork (x2); Tanglefoot bag (x2); +1 Chain shirt; Alexandrite pendant (500 gp); Potions of Cat's Grace and Cure Moderate Wounds (x2).
Languages: Terran, Giant, Common.

Spell-like: As level 6 sorceror, base DC 9 + spell level: Magic stone, Soften earth and stone, Stone shape.

Raging: Str 33, Con 22. hp 76 (+12 from rage); AC 22 (-2 from rage); +16 base melee, +16 damage 2-handed / +11 1-handed; Fort +13, Will +4; Climb +15, Jump +15. Rage lasts 10 rounds.

Description: Garnitz is squat for an ogre, standing just under 9 feet tall, but dense, weighing 390 lbs. His skin is a dark black hue and his hair is earthy brown. He wears his hear long but better kept than that of a typical ogre – it is braided into a number of strands tied off with small animal bones. The rest of his gear is simple and made with natural materials, but well cared for.

Garnitz’s weapons were crafted by the Reaper of Shadows. His battleaxe is made of a dark stone just lighter than his skin tone, and has Terran runes across the blade that read “Fissure Maker”. His javelins, though non-magical, are obviously well crafted, with steel tips and intricate carvings of hunting scenes along the shaft.

Garnitz does not talk much, often expressing his opinions through broad, violent physical gestures. His battle cry, though, is a low, penetrating rumble that strikes doubt in the hearts of his foes. He is sensitive about his status, and is enjoying his new role in the CRM but ever alert for any perceived slights.
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Garnitz ("Granite" ), Male Half Elemental (Earth),
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